"Leave Nothing but Footprints, Take Nothing But Pictures"

Born and raised on Long Island; presently based out of South Carolina LAURA SALZHAUER is a recent graduate with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and self taught photographer.

My major subject is wildlife photography, however I love taking pictures of just about anything. I hope my pictures inspire others to appreciate the biodiversity on Earth and support conservation.

Please feel free to contact me through my email for any questions. laura.salzhauer@gmail.com

This tumblr blog is my digital portfolio. Please explore my page by clicking on the pictures. There is also the ARCHIVE button to see all posts.


Circle of Life.

The biggest garter snake I ever found on SUNY Purchase campus vs. the biggest frog I have ever seen on campus. I found them this way when my friend and I were cleaning up garbage in the woods.

This is Solomon, a Solomon Island Skink, Corucia zebrata an arboreal species.

Rescue at Animal Embassy, Stamford, CT. 2012