"Leave Nothing but Footprints, Take Nothing But Pictures"

Born and raised on Long Island; presently based out of South Carolina LAURA SALZHAUER is a recent graduate with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and self taught photographer.

My major subject is wildlife photography, however I love taking pictures of just about anything. I hope my pictures inspire others to appreciate the biodiversity on Earth and support conservation.

Please feel free to contact me through my email for any questions. laura.salzhauer@gmail.com

This tumblr blog is my digital portfolio. Please explore my page by clicking on the pictures. There is also the ARCHIVE button to see all posts.


Panthera tigris, Tiger

Here is Tony, yes Tony the tiger. He is another one of my babies I get to take care of at work. He likes to run around, swim and play hide and seek.

Hollywild Animal Park, 2014

In Memory of my baby, Sabrina. She had to be put down today, she was 12. Best cat in the world. <3 <3 I love you and miss you. May you suffer no more.