"Leave Nothing but Footprints, Take Nothing But Pictures"

Born and raised on Long Island; presently based out of South Carolina LAURA SALZHAUER is a recent graduate with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and self taught photographer.

My major subject is wildlife photography, however I love taking pictures of just about anything. I hope my pictures inspire others to appreciate the biodiversity on Earth and support conservation.

Please feel free to contact me through my email for any questions. laura.salzhauer@gmail.com

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The Village of Miaranony, next to Ranomfana National Park, Madagascar

Our camp was at the top of the mountain that this group of awesome villagers lived next to. They were all kind and welcoming, the Ampanzaka (the king) of the village brought us in his house to do a blessing. The only thing that makes him king is that he is the oldest. They put on a show for us, they sung and danced. We danced with them once their show was over. Oh, and the guy in the Slipknot t-shirt is Sambatra he was part of the team!! Sambatra’s name means “the lucky one” and he proved to be just that!

We must have looked crazy to them, vazaha (white foreigner) living on that crazy mountain, doing weird science things and coming down once a week to visit. James Herrera and his team come down every Sunday to show the village what they are finding in the forest. And a few of my classmates worked with the kids of the village, showing them the forest, teaching them what wonders that they should protect (mothers also came with them, they have also never been in the forest). Everything turned out great! They are still doing research on that mountain, I hope one day to return.